SearchEngineSetup.Com Probably a Scam

Did you get an automated phone call from a place called offering a promo code if you sign up for their services at their website?

I did, and if you are reading this, you did too.  You are probably wondering if it’s a scam.  And I’m plenty pissed off that these guys think they have the right to interrupt me while I’m  working with such a BS offer.

Well My conjecture says of course it is.

Their pitch is some crap about you pay them 99 dollars and they will submit your website to 80 gazillion search engines and in turn you’ll be a rich old coot.

From me, trust me, I am a search engine guru, this is pure bullshit.

First, why in the world would you even want to submit your website to anyone, ever?  No need, google and bing and yahoo, they just pick this stuff up on their own, they know what they are doing.  I promise.

Second why would you want to do it every month.  That can get you banned from the SE’s in total!  they hate that crap.

Third, how are you going to know if they do anything for you?

Fourth, Who are they?  try to call, they won’t answer.  I bet they don’t reply to emails either. Further is you look up their domain on Who Is Domain tools, you will see they are completely hidden behind domains by proxy,

If you ask me, you’re wasting your money.  Not only that, giving your credit card info and your personal info to a company that hides like these guys do, you’re really asking for trouble.

I would not touch it with your ten foot pole.


40 thoughts on “SearchEngineSetup.Com Probably a Scam

  1. Marybeth

    Their recording got left on our voicemail (which gets transcribed and emailed) – I’ve copied and pasted it below. We have blocked their number as this is not the first time they’ve called, even though the recording says it’s going to be the last time.

    P.S. – Totally agree with everything you said – Only deal with transparent companies, not these type of people and/or recordings. Thanks for the post and getting the information out there! Hopefully you’ve saved someone!

    Voicemail Transcription:

    Voicemail from: (800) 670-6541 at 4:25 PM

    Hello, this is Nick with search engine set up, dot, com we’re calling in regards to the website. What we do. We monitor the new website to see that their search engine ready. Your website is ready to be listed. You have also been issued a promo code in order to be submitted into the major search engines, to use your promo code you will need to go to www, dot search engine set up, dot, com and enter promo code. 4027. Again, that’s search engine set up, dot, com into your promo code, which is 4027. This promo code, is only valid now through tomorrow, July 23rd in does waive all the set up fees. We have tried. Previously to get a hold of you and this will be obviously our last call, so be sure to get there before. That expires. We look forward to getting all set up and have a great day.

    1. teletechnology Post author

      Yeah these companies make me sick. People need to understand that real search marketing never comes with a single and easy 99 dollar price tag. Not that SEO is hard, but it’s a large multifront command.

  2. Rod

    Yep I agree! They called me as well and pester me every time I register a new website. I tell them yeah “you” are the reason I have to pay extra money each month to make my domain name private! And PS, search engines stopped taking submissions in April 2007! That usually leaves them going ummmmmmmmmm.

    They are just trying to make a buck, but my question is, If they are so good at getting me traffic, then how the hell do they have time to call me? They should be busy from there own business!

  3. sales

    That’s horrid. One of the reason we started our company is because there are bad bad businesses out there like that! All of my customers KNOW they can do Optimizing themselves (we even educated them in HOW it works… Knowledge is power), however it comes down to them spending their time taking care of their business while we take care of that side of it for them. These bad companies either don’t realize or don’t care to keep a customer is to maintain customer service. By the time these customers get away from these bad companies, it’s twice as hard for me to talk to them about trying to market the business again. Because of the services we offer, we also have to adhere to a high compliance standard. I think these other companies should do the same… Maybe it will help them stop treating people so badly! We’re here for all to see.

  4. Patrick

    I just got a call as well. The voice recording was very misleading. It said that this message is regarding my new website and that I should get a pen to write down this pin number. They gave me a 4 digit pin and directed me to to finish my setup. At no point did they imply that they were a third party company. Someone who didn’t know better might think this is a courtesy call from their hosting company. is definitely a scam.

    1. Nick

      Thats ture. I just got the call today for the second time. and thought maybe it was from the company I market for….So i went through the set up then realized the wanted my card info. There was no shopping cart o option to use pay pal or any other service that I’m use to using when completing an order. All they want is your card info, point blank.

  5. Ellen

    Thanks for all of your input. I’m new with all this tech stuff and have fallen for things like this a few times before. Thanks to you guys I didn’t this time!

  6. Robert McLaughlin

    It was grand that I looked up “” to see what they would say. They gave me
    a great discount on phone system. And they offered me a deal! I ‘m sure Iooked them up? You saved me some $!

  7. Joseph Engles

    Complain to the FTC about and the do not call registry.

    Cal their hosting company to shut them down.

  8. ed martinez


  9. Nicole beck

    I totally fell for it. I feel liked a real idiot. They made it sound as if I had to complete my registration by going through this process. I have emailed them to cancel and they wont get back to me. I guess I will have to call my credit card company to see if i can stop the payment.

  10. SHAWN


  11. PATTI

    Thanks for the information on this scam. I came close to falling into it just because I am new at all of this and don’t know any better.

  12. Kim Cooper Nyland

    It’s definitely a SCAM. I only updated info for icann and they left a message on my cell phone. BEWARE of caller (Nick) from and

  13. Heidi

    Thank you for setting up this website to inform others about this scam. Many times people get scammed but do not alert others so companies like these are allowed to continue doing what they do. I wonder where they get people’s numbers if no one gave it to them in the first place? Do you know?

      1. Daniel

        They use the information from whois. If you do not register your domain using private options, it is crawled and they contact the information based on this. It’s terrible.

  14. RoadR8er

    Thanks for the heads-up, I was ready to call and jump in with my wallet open. As a startup, I don’t have alot of money or time to burn. But this in internet unity at work. “outstanding” To all those who left comments, THANK YOU.

  15. Lloyd

    Here’s what everyone needs to do. Register that phone number at anything that will call for info from telemarketers. Flood their line. Put their email in any form and submit like a quote system for buying a car. Flood them till they give up.

    I hate these types!

  16. sam

    It is in reality a great and useful piece of information. I’m happy that you just shared this helpful info with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Dan Dial

    Thank God you people took the time to warn others. How did you do it? I mean, the warning on the page. I build decks. I’ve tried so hard to be even close to the front page when people look for me. I’ve been sold a bill of goods too many times and nothing has worked. If there is honest person that can give me some advice, I’m Dan. I can use some help.

  18. Jim

    I got 2 phone calls from them. Logged in and spent half an hour reading through all the crap. Looked good but also seemed kind of fishy. Before I bit I decided to Google and found your site. Thanks for saving me from throwing money away.

  19. pdmsalehi

    Thanks for all the good information, I was so excited about my new website and got the call too. I was about to register until I saw I have to pay some $99 and stopped to check the validity and found you guys! I wanna thank you so much for this eye opening information!

  20. Zach

    I am yet another person who nearly fell into this trap that has been saved by this information. Thank you all so much for giving your expertise in this matter.

  21. Dave Jeffers

    Thanks for your advice! I just got an automated call and got all the same junk everyone else has gotten, But I came here first and glad I did .Thanks a lot. Signed Dave J.

  22. Mandy

    I thought this sounded hinky so I Googled it, and of course I appreciate the community of helpful people like the person who wrote this and people commenting on it confirming my reservations. I am building my website for Mandy Loriot Photography in Atlanta and getting things set up officially and I assume this means I’ll probably be getting more junk calls and junk mail from people like this. Definitely going to that link .

  23. Elaine

    Someone is building my website for me – it has not even gone live yet and I got a call – similar to those above. It sounded so urgent and that I had to do it before Monday – did not think I should call the person building the website and verify – went ahead and got scammed $299.00. Just spoke to the website builder and I am on my way to the bank to try and get the credit card payment stopped. Those thieves – cant they be shut down somehow?

  24. Jean

    I got the same call twice this week from 1-800-670-6541. As a result of this blog I am not responding, though being a newbie, I too am confused as to whether it is a part of my hosting contract. If it is such a widespread scam why are there only 26 victims in 4 years?

  25. Liz

    Yea, we just registered our new website and got a call almost immediately after and I didn’t answer because I was driving. I thought it was a client who was calling me, but then I listen to the message (which is automatically transcribe and sent via email) and my BS radar went off so I just ignored them. Today is the 4th time they called me and I decided to see what other’s had to say. I unfortunately doubt that this will be the last time they call as they say they will.
    Here’s the transcribe message:

    “Hi. This is David, With, Search Engine set up, dot, com and we’ve been trying to get a hold of you in regard to your new website. This will be our final attempt to contact you about your online registration instructions. Again, you were issued your temporary promo code in order to have your website submitted into the national and local search listings, your promo code at this point is valid only through today, but it still does leave the set up fee for you. To complete your registration in the usual call code, you’ll need to go to www, dot search engine set up dot com select from the local or national listing. We’d like your website to appear, and then enter the promo code 4173 and that’ll leave the set up fees, again. That’s, www, dot search engine set up. Dot Com and then enter the promo code 4173. To complete your registration. This process takes less than 5 minutes to complete and will ensure an increase in the visibility of your website, We do look forward to receiving your registration today, search engine set up, dot, com is not affiliated, directly or indirectly with any other website hosting or marketing company.”

    I guess he goes by David and not Nick now. 🙂 I knew this was fishy since that’s not how good SEO works, it takes time to build it up for your site.

    Thank you for this post! It’s good to get the word out about these scammers.


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