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Sale Alert! Norstar M7310

Okay, so Panasonic has had quite a lot of coverage today, and for good reason.  But, while I was researching the Panasonic phones, I ran across this Norstar phone and immediately had to stop and get the word out- this is a great deal!

The Norstar M7310 is a popular phone, always sells out, yet it has been discontinued by the manufacturer.  It has a lot going for it in the way of features.

  • 10 buttons on the lower portion of the phone and 12 DUAL position buttons on the upper half of the phone.
  • The 12 dual keys allow for 24 buttons for speed dials or features access, like transfer to voicemail and such.
  • Softkeys under display for system navigation
  • Works with all new and old Norstar Key Systems
  • Headset Port

I found this phone on sale for only $75 at these sites:

Norstar M7310 Phone Black NT8B20