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Avaya Legacy Phones; Low-Cost, High-Value

We’ve been singing the praises of Avaya IP Office on this site for a while now.  Did you know that you can use Avaya Legacy phones with the Avaya IP Office System?  That gives business owners an affordable way to completely crossover to Avaya products.  Many of Avaya’s legacy phones are multi-functional, no frills phones, but sometimes that is all a business needs. Basic IP phones don’t have to be boxy or ugly. Avaya products are sleek in design and feel good in your hand.

Avaya Legacy phones do cost much less than their newer counterparts.  They still pack in high value.  They come with many features needed by busy offices, such as programmable keys, hold and mute buttons, three-way conference call, and choice of ringtones.  Avaya phones are well-made and built to last.  They are an obvious choice in office phone when you are looking for something simple, yet effective.


Medium Sized Businesses Love Avaya IP Office

There is a reason that medium sized businesses are in love with Avaya IP Office: it works.  Medium businesses need a hard working phone system just as much as large corporations do.  Avaya has taken the lead and come up with Avaya IP Office (version 7.0 just released) which treats the medium sized business like they were a huge multi million dollar company.

Avaya IP Office will give you over 300 phone lines at one location.  It has programs that can be used for small call centers (with web based applications), reception desks (receptionist can see which employee is on the phone or available), and programs for employees who work from home or are traveling.  For the manager, it has a way to run reports of phone usage, to see what numbers are calls or incoming the most often and how long each call lasts.  Your messages are kept neat and organized and easily accessed.  Never miss a message, be it email or voicemail, again.

Avaya IP Office gives your business an edge over the competition because it saves money by using the internet to add as many phone lines for no extra cost.  It is a very organized way to run your communications.  Avaya IP Office is a best selling phone system- it will streamline the way you and your employees keep in touch with clients.

You CAN Afford New Business Phone Technology

There are so many phone systems on the market; for all types of businesses.  Whether it is a small or medium size business, or even a giant conglomerate, there is a business phone system to meet your needs.  Now, larger businesses have more cash in their budget, so buying a top-of-the line, multi-faceted phone system is not a worry for them.  But, what about everyone else?  Phone systems for small or medium sized businesses are usually affordable, but they will take a chunk out of your budget initially.  That is why being able to finance business phone systems,  is a great opportunity to get the phone system of your dreams.

At Tele Technology (www.ttechnologyinc.com) they offer fantastic financing options on all the phone systems they sell.  Rates start as low as ZERO percent!  They have flexible payment plans; they are sure to find one that will suit your needs.

Tele Technology stocks and sells every phone system imaginable.  Popular brands such as Avaya, Cisco, EnGenius, AT&T and thousands more, you are sure to find what you are looking for.  Not sure what you need? Tele Technology will help you choose which phone system will work best for you.  They have years of experience and know this industry inside and out.  You are in good hands with Tele Technology!  They offer professional and personalized service.  With excellent financing options, you will get the business phone system you need without having to sacrifice on quality.

Avaya IP Office 7.0 Released to the General Public

It’s official: Avaya IP Office 7.0, the latest version of IP Office, has been released for sale to the general public.  This is great news because IP Office 7.0 offers consumers a great way to use their legacy phones with an IP network.

If you have a Nortel BCM or Norstar phone set, it is an easy transfer to the Avaya family.  This is because the software on the IP Office 7.0 has been developed with this in mind.  Avaya is a leading company in communication systems and solutions.  From simple desk phones to real-time web conferencing, Avaya has a way to make it happen.  If you have a legacy phone, upgrading to Avaya IP Office is an easy process and a real money saver.

There is a great article regarding the new Avaya IP Office 7.0 plus news about Avaya’s acquisition of Konftel.  Click here to read it in its entirety.

Avaya Flare Soon Available on ipads, smartphones

Until now, Avaya’s Flare Experience has only been available for use on the Avaya Desktop Video Device, an HD video and audio tablet.  Avaya Flare is a remarkable tool that allows for real-time collaboration between multiple people all on a touch-screen interface.

Avaya has plans to release the Flare for use with other wireless devices, namely the Apple ipad and iphone, and other smartphone platforms.  It is available on the Android, but the insiders from Avaya have stated that there are plans in the works to add Flare to two or three more products by the end of the year. This will include a larger app database.

Avaya’s Flare Experience is so useful, it eliminates the need for a webcam and desktop phone.  It combines all your platforms, including social media, audio/video and web conferencing (much like Skype).  It also keeps a log of all calls made and it a great way to utilize your email accounts and Instant Messaging.  Once The Avaya Flare Experience makes its way to other devices, like the ipad, it is going to really revolutionize the way everyone conducts business calls and it will even probably make its way to how people make personal calls.  The possibilities are endless, and exciting!



Avaya IP Office Concise Information

There are so many phone systems available on the market, but the Avaya IP Office stands out amongst the many.  It is an incredible tool for any office’s communications.  This system does so much more than make and receive phone calls.  It has an auto attendant they refer to as Unified Communications which will direct calls to an extension, a voicemail, a fax line and even to an email address.  IP Office is also a conference phone with the ability to hold phone conferences for 128 parties.

There is so much information about this system; here is a link to a concise description about IP Office from Houston Avaya.  This shows all the system’s benefits and some of the amazing functions it can do that no other phone system can.  For example, the Avaya IP Office can serve as a conference call phone with 128 party capability!  It can also route your calls to wherever you need them.  Receive messages on your voicemail or email.  It can route fax calls to the appropriate lines.

Houston Avaya Phone Systems is a trusted name in the field of telecommunications.  They have been in business for over twenty years and they specialize in Avaya phone systems.  They sell them, advise their customers on which phone system will work best for them and they professionally install systems into places of business.  If you live in the Houston area, Houston Avaya is your top choice for your communication installation needs.  (They will install other brands as well)  Good news, if you DON’T live in Houston, they can still help you install your phone system through one of their nation wide partners. Call them at 281-894-6606.


Houston Based Tele Technology sells, services and installs Avaya Phone systems for Less; hires top notch Avaya IP Office Technicians


September 23, 2010
OFFICE: 281-894-6606
TOLL FREE: 1-877-891-1911
EMAIL: SALES (AT) ttechnologyinc.com

Houston based Tele Technology is currently selling, installing and servicing all Avaya Business Phone Systems, to include the Avaya IP Office 500.

With Avaya’s takeover of Nortel phone systems and their subsequent discontinuation of the same, Tele Technology realizes the new importance of the Avaya IP Office phone systems.

“Honestly, the IP Office 500 is the perfect small/ medium business VoiP hybrid phone system on the market for those business with a slightly more robust budget,” says owner operator Jay “Adam” Harper.

The advent of the Avaya IP Office phone system has come on so strong in fact that Avaya has completely discontinued the Partner phone systems altogether. Even though the IP Office may cost slightly more, Avaya is gambling that the advanced features will justify the cost. Tele Technology is betting on the same.

To that end, after a painstaking search and interview process, Tele Technology has hired what they feel is Houston’s very best Avaya phone system technicians. Said technicians are fully certified in all Avaya IP office applications including video conferencing and all Avaya hardware comes through authorized, warrantable channels.

Mr. Harper is confident that his “no brass” approach to pricing combined with his ability to place accommodating technical staff in the hands of his customers is sure to be the best deal going in Houston compared to the competition.

To get an on the spot, over the phone quote on a new Avaya IP Office phone system, call 281-894-6606 and speak with Jay today.

Source: http://www.ttechnologyinc.com/news/houston-avaya-phone-system-dealer-0910.asp