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Avaya IP Office 7.0 Released to the General Public

It’s official: Avaya IP Office 7.0, the latest version of IP Office, has been released for sale to the general public.  This is great news because IP Office 7.0 offers consumers a great way to use their legacy phones with an IP network.

If you have a Nortel BCM or Norstar phone set, it is an easy transfer to the Avaya family.  This is because the software on the IP Office 7.0 has been developed with this in mind.  Avaya is a leading company in communication systems and solutions.  From simple desk phones to real-time web conferencing, Avaya has a way to make it happen.  If you have a legacy phone, upgrading to Avaya IP Office is an easy process and a real money saver.

There is a great article regarding the new Avaya IP Office 7.0 plus news about Avaya’s acquisition of Konftel.  Click here to read it in its entirety.


Samsung DCS 12B Keyset- Incredible Sale!

Manufactured By Samsung

The Samsung DCS 12B Keyset desk phone (also known as the DSC Prostar 12 Button Phone) is still a popular model of office phone.  It has been discontinued quite some time ago, but that hasn’t diminished its popularity with office managers and business owners.

This Samsung desk phone offers quite a few features which explains why it is still in demand.  It’s inexpensive and is designed so that is is compatible with all of Samsung’s DCS  and iDCS Phone Systems- including the Samsung DCS, DCS Compact, DCS 50si, DCS 400si, iDCS 100 and iDCS 500.
If your office currently has a Samsung DCS phone system, this phone is a cost-effective way of expanding your phone lines.

Some of the features in the Samsung DCS 12B Keyset are:

12 programmable Keys

LCD Display ScreenSamsung DCS 12D Keyset Phone

6 of the 12 keys are tri-colored LEDs


8 distinct ringtones to choose

Volume controls for the speakerphone and the handset

At this time, this phone is on sale for an amazingly low $95 at these websites:

Samsung DSC 12B LCD Key Set @ http://www.adamtelco.com

Samsung DSC 12B LCD Key Set @www.teletechnology.net

Samsung DSC 12B LCD Key Set @ http://www.ttechnologyinc.com

The phones are expertly refurbished (it is near impossible to find a brand new Samsung DCS 12B Keyset phone because they are no longer in production) and have a 90 day warranty.  They are charcoal in color.  They are not always in stock because once a merchant gets their hands on a set, it sells rather quickly.  If you are in need of one of these phones, you better act fast.  Especially at this low price!

Houston Based Tele Technology sells, services and installs Avaya Phone systems for Less; hires top notch Avaya IP Office Technicians


September 23, 2010
OFFICE: 281-894-6606
TOLL FREE: 1-877-891-1911
EMAIL: SALES (AT) ttechnologyinc.com

Houston based Tele Technology is currently selling, installing and servicing all Avaya Business Phone Systems, to include the Avaya IP Office 500.

With Avaya’s takeover of Nortel phone systems and their subsequent discontinuation of the same, Tele Technology realizes the new importance of the Avaya IP Office phone systems.

“Honestly, the IP Office 500 is the perfect small/ medium business VoiP hybrid phone system on the market for those business with a slightly more robust budget,” says owner operator Jay “Adam” Harper.

The advent of the Avaya IP Office phone system has come on so strong in fact that Avaya has completely discontinued the Partner phone systems altogether. Even though the IP Office may cost slightly more, Avaya is gambling that the advanced features will justify the cost. Tele Technology is betting on the same.

To that end, after a painstaking search and interview process, Tele Technology has hired what they feel is Houston’s very best Avaya phone system technicians. Said technicians are fully certified in all Avaya IP office applications including video conferencing and all Avaya hardware comes through authorized, warrantable channels.

Mr. Harper is confident that his “no brass” approach to pricing combined with his ability to place accommodating technical staff in the hands of his customers is sure to be the best deal going in Houston compared to the competition.

To get an on the spot, over the phone quote on a new Avaya IP Office phone system, call 281-894-6606 and speak with Jay today.

Source: http://www.ttechnologyinc.com/news/houston-avaya-phone-system-dealer-0910.asp

Houston Based Tele Technology Sells, Service and Installs Panasonic KXT Phone Systems


September 23, 2010
OFFICE: 281-894-6606
TOLL FREE: 1-877-891-1911
EMAIL: SALES (AT) ttechnologyinc.com

Houston based Tele Technology is currently selling, installing and servicing all Panasonic KXT & KXTD phone systems.

Tele Technology has employed “Houston’s Best Panasonic KXT Technicians,” says owner / operator Jay “Adam” Harper. “We are primed and ready to tackle any and all Panasonic KXT phone systems in Houston,” Harper further states.

Panasonic has been manufacturing phones systems since the late 1970’s. Tele Technology has certainly taken notice of the sheer number of Panasonic phone systems within the local Houston market and has taken steps over the last few years to put a force of qualified Panasonic telephone techs on the streets.

Panasonic phone systems are not only popular with businesses;  high-end residences also find themselves filled with aging Panasonic KXT phones in need of service. Tele Technology specializes in repairing these residentially installed Panasonic KXT phone systems and phones including their door phone and gate systems. Tele Technologies list of A-List clientele in Houston is quite astounding.

To discuss your current or proposed Panasonic phone system in Houston, dial 281-894-6606 and speak with Jay about your needs.

Source: http://www.ttechnologyinc.com/news/houston-panasonic-kxt-0910.asp

Houston Based Tele Technology Sells, Service and Installs NEC DSX Phone Systems


September 23, 2010
OFFICE: 281-894-6606
TOLL FREE: 1-877-891-1911
EMAIL: SALES (AT) ttechnologyinc.com

Houston based Tele Technology is currently selling and installing NEC DSX phone systems.

NEC DSX Phone systems are perfect for small businesses and star-tup companies due to its combination of low cost and rich features, including VoiP phone support.

“The idea of buying a phone system with voicemail and 3 phones for under $1500 is unheard of until now,” states owner / operator Jay “Adam” Harper. “Businesses love it!”.

NEC offers 3 differently sized phone systems, 4 digital desk sets, 2 IP phones and 2 cordless phones that all work together packed with features. At it’s most expanded level, the NEC DSX will support up to 160 ports with phones and lines combined. The NEC DSX phone system is also capable of excepting analog phone lines, PRI lines and T-1’s.

NEC DSX offers the advantage of VoiP phones if desired. A small amount of inexpensive hardware is required in order to operate IP phones, which can also be piggy backed from computers, making remote teleworking very possible and in reach of any small business.

For an on the spot, over the phone quote on a DSX phone system, call 281-894-6606 and Houston installation services are available.

Source: http://www.ttechnologyinc.com/news/houston-nec-dsx-0910.asp

Sale Alert! Norstar M7310

Okay, so Panasonic has had quite a lot of coverage today, and for good reason.  But, while I was researching the Panasonic phones, I ran across this Norstar phone and immediately had to stop and get the word out- this is a great deal!

The Norstar M7310 is a popular phone, always sells out, yet it has been discontinued by the manufacturer.  It has a lot going for it in the way of features.

  • 10 buttons on the lower portion of the phone and 12 DUAL position buttons on the upper half of the phone.
  • The 12 dual keys allow for 24 buttons for speed dials or features access, like transfer to voicemail and such.
  • Softkeys under display for system navigation
  • Works with all new and old Norstar Key Systems
  • Headset Port

I found this phone on sale for only $75 at these sites:




Norstar M7310 Phone Black NT8B20