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Is Structured Cabling Important?

In a word: yes!

What is structured Cabling?                                                                          

Structured cabling (also called structured wiring) is the term that refers to all the cabling, wiring and electronic components that are installed within a specific location in an organized manner.  Big cities such as  Houston, structured cabling is the way all new construction is built, and it is fast becoming the norm in smaller towns as well.

All sorts of electronic equipment uses structured cabling.  If you are building new construction, it’s best to install all your structured wiring before the drywall goes up as it is much cheaper than retrofitting it at a later date.  There are all sorts of electronic systems that need to use structured cabling in the home or office.  These include telephones, fax machines, dvd players, home theater systems, surround sound, security system, lighting, internet access, computers, etc… any many more.   If you have a wiring system in place to meet these specific needs, you will just be able to plug in your fax machine, surround sound speakers and be done with it.  Talk about convenient!   As technology changes, your structured wiring will  be able to adjust with the times- better than standard wiring would be.

There are many reasons to get structured cabling installed.  For starters you can use the same cabling for all your electronic systems.  There is no reason you have to figure out how to install phone cabling, ethernet cabling or ISDN cabling.  Having structured cabling installed eliminates the need for having to spend hours trying (and sometimes failing) installing a complicated phone system yourself.  Plus, once you get the wiring and your system up and running, the last thing you want to do is start all over again of you ever need to change it, add a line or two, or if you buy a whole new system.  Structured cabling makes life easier.  The same goes for situations when you need to add or remove a computer, add a modem, new fancy TV, or link up one printer to more than one PC.

Another important thing to remember, when you have structured cabling, when one system fails, your whole network most likely won’t fail.  The problem will be isolated, keeping the rest of your system operational and then the problem will be easy to locate and fixed.

If you ever want to sell your home, your resale value will be a lot higher if you have structured wiring in your home.  This is because as newer technologies are released, your home will be ready.  Would you want to buy a home today that has wiring from 30 years ago?  Imagine how hard and annoying it would be to install WiFi.  Now imagine what sorts of technology will be available and commonly used in homes 30 years from now.  With structured cabling, your home will be ready for the future!


You CAN Afford New Business Phone Technology

There are so many phone systems on the market; for all types of businesses.  Whether it is a small or medium size business, or even a giant conglomerate, there is a business phone system to meet your needs.  Now, larger businesses have more cash in their budget, so buying a top-of-the line, multi-faceted phone system is not a worry for them.  But, what about everyone else?  Phone systems for small or medium sized businesses are usually affordable, but they will take a chunk out of your budget initially.  That is why being able to finance business phone systems,  is a great opportunity to get the phone system of your dreams.

At Tele Technology (www.ttechnologyinc.com) they offer fantastic financing options on all the phone systems they sell.  Rates start as low as ZERO percent!  They have flexible payment plans; they are sure to find one that will suit your needs.

Tele Technology stocks and sells every phone system imaginable.  Popular brands such as Avaya, Cisco, EnGenius, AT&T and thousands more, you are sure to find what you are looking for.  Not sure what you need? Tele Technology will help you choose which phone system will work best for you.  They have years of experience and know this industry inside and out.  You are in good hands with Tele Technology!  They offer professional and personalized service.  With excellent financing options, you will get the business phone system you need without having to sacrifice on quality.

Need a Cabling Contractor or Wiring Expert in Houston? Call Tele Technology

Found this article that highlights a Houston area cabling and wiring contractor.  Tele Technology has been serving the Houston vicinity for many years with cabling and wiring installation.  They have worked for countless businesses and residential homes, installing complicated wiring and cabling systems such as VoIP data cabling, cat5, cat5e and cat6 cabling, fiber optics, structured wiring and structured cabling.

They have simple price structures and cater to any size location.  If you have a phone system you need installed (and done right the first time), give Tele Technology a call.  They take pride in what they do and it shows.




The Ugly Truth When Budgeting Too Tight for Business Phone System

An interesting story and an unveiling that I hear all the time.

Around April of 2010 I was approached via telephone by a local company in Houston requesting a quote for a small business phone system.  After some chit chat about budget, needs, time frame and all of the other pertinent information I settled on the suggesting the NEC DSX 40 phone system.  I put out a decently priced quote for 8 phones, installation and training; a fair price for them and us.

I never heard back from this prospective client.

Today, a few of our employees were calling names on our list of clients, just checking in with a few of them. This prospective client was one of the calls we made.

The gentleman called back almost immediately after a message was left for him. Since we had never really done any work out at his site, he was a little confused as to who we were.  I still had his original quote so I explained to him how he got into our database.  With his memory jogged he told me a story that I hear all the time!

He stated that he chose another company in town; I know exactly who he is talking about without even asking. He told me that their price point was just lower than mine and that is why he chose them. He then went on to tell me that company x’s ability to pay him any attention whatsoever after the sale was terrible.  He told me that upon initial installation company x was rushed, in a hurry, didn’t complete all of the tasks he requested and will no longer reply to any of his *messages* he leaves them.

He went on to ask if our company could now take over the technical needs of his phone system.  Asked if we could run cable and inquired as to our ability to “pay attention to him”

Of course I told him everything about how awesome our service is and how we really do pay very good attention to our customers.

I hear something like this every week.

The point that I suppose I am trying to make is that when you are buying a phone system from a local company, you are buying more than the phone system and the installation.  You are also buying a relationship with that company.  You are buying into that company’s ability to be responsive to you and their ability to continue their desire to stay on board with you.

The companies that sell phone equipment at darn near their cost and only make a little on the installation are constantly pressed by the sheer nature of the economic to continually stay into the “next” job in order to survive.  Their lack of capital further limits their ability to have key employees that can handle their customers’ needs. This is why when you are dealing with this type of company you are forced to leave messages and they are likely to not be returned, leaving YOUR company in a lurch and on the hunt for a new service company that can actually handle your needs.

If you are reading this, you probably understand this already as you are a business owner or a business administrator. There is a real danger in attempting to buy too cheap. In order for your equipment to be right and your installation and future service to go as smoothly as possible, it is more important to have the correct blend of service and price.

I know for a fact that here at Tele Technology, I have this process so well oiled that it always glides incredibly smoothly.

This is the reason we have so many dedicated clients within the Houston area.

Jay Harper


Houston based Tele Technology Chooses Vertical SBX 320 IP Phone System for New Sales

Houston based Tele Technology seals the stamp of approval on the Vertical Communications SBX IP Business Phone System.

Based on extensive testing and the hard work from the Vertical Communications team, Tele Technology has determined the SBX IP phone system to be a viable and cost effective phone system for small businesses.

The SBX IP is a Voip hybrid phone system. The price point is highly effective to compete for the small business phone system market. The SBX IP will operate both digital and IP telephones. It also has an extensive and feature rich voicemail system.

The SBX is simple to deploy. Vertical Communications offeres a multitude of packages that make it easy to see what you are buying.

Our local Houston technicians are now trained on the system.

If you would like to know more about the SBX IP phone system feel free to give us a call at 281-894-6606

Further, here are some hard links to the sections of our website that showcase this hardware.