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Introducing Konftel 300M Conference Phone


Manufactured By Konftel

Take a look at the Konftel 300M conference phone.  It isn’t even available for sale yet and already it is created a huge buzz.  It will be released for consumer purchase November 1, 2010.  Experts have predicted sales to be high as the Konftel 300M is a unique conference phone offering its customers something  other conference phones can’t: it can be used with cell phones.

Think of what this means; you can hold conference meetings wherever you can use your cell phone.  The Konftel 300M works with 3G and GSM networks the same as your cell phone.  You don’t need to plug this into your land line phone jack because once you insert your cell phone’s SIM card, it uses the cell phone’s signal to operate. Genius.  The Konftel 300M is portable- take your meetings wherever you need to.  Konftel 300M Mobile Conference Phone

OmniSound is Konftel’s own patented audio technology and they have spent years perfecting its performance.  It shuts out all background noise, so all you get it crystal clear audio with no cutting in and out.  The microphones can be expanded to increase the range of the room for larger meetings.  OmniSound is unsurpassed in the quality in sound.

The Konftel 300M records all your meetings.  This is great for keeping track of agendas, meeting points, and for review.  Employees who may have missed the meeting can listen to it in full.  Higher management can have a listen to a previous meeting if need be. This can

SMS technology is included; send and receive text messages.  The text messages are recorded on the SIM card for record keeping purposes.  The 300M will store up 100 of your cell phone contacts.

The battery has a long life; one charge can give you 30 hours of talk time.  It comes with a docking cradle that recharges the battery.

The Konftel 300M is such a remarkable concept.  Konftel has always been the first to come up with new technologies, and this new conference phone is just one more example of this.


New Cordless Phone Website Announced


October 8, 2010

Adam Telco has just announced the unveiling of its new website, The Cordless Phone Store.  This new site was created in response to the high volume of customers wanting and needing cordless phones.

“We have so many people wanting to buy cordless phones, that we created this site in order to provide the very best customer service to them.  There are just so many cordless phone options out there that we really needed a whole site by itself to showcase them all properly,” stated Jay “Adam” Harper excitedly.

And that’s exactly what you get at The Cordless Phone Store; hundreds and cordless phones in every conceivable shape, color and size.  No two cordless phones are alike.  They each offer variations of features like speakerphone, answering phone, digital, headphone compatible, Bluetooth ready, you name it, you’ll find it.

This is very different to what is available off-line.  Retail stores usually do not carry too many cordless phones in store.  This is because they usually lack the space to keep as many as there are available, and because they want to dedicate the available space to products that are more expensive, like cell phones or HDTVs.  By shopping at a retail store for a cell phone you are depriving yourself of getting the very best choice out there.  At The Cordless Phone Store, you will have a huge inventory to choose from.  If you get lost, Adam Telco’s team of experts are there to answer all your questions.  Unlike other online stores, if you have a question, all you need to do is call, and you will get a live person within minutes.  Customer Service has always been Adam Telco’s number one priority.